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Healthy soil forms the core of productive plants. Soil health is as important for the plants to grow well as it is for reducing the need for pest and disease control. Hence, it’s crucial that you build and maintain a healthy garden soil to keep your plants brimming with life.

To do that, first, let’s understand what is a healthy soil?

Soil comprises many parts such as decayed plant residue, mineral particles, organic matter, air, water, and micro-organisms. A healthy soil carries the right balance of all these components to support plant growth, keep away pests and bugs, and act as nutritious soil for the crop. It’s just that you need to feed your soil with the right nourishing ingredients regularly.

Second, you need to know what are the characteristics of good soil?

It’s not only the fertility that makes the soil rich but its good crumbly texture, the right quantity of organic matter, and an apt pH level (acidic level) too make for soil’s health. Some other important characteristics of a high-quality soil include sufficient presence of nutrients, good soil tilth, depth, and drainage, and absence of harmful chemicals.


Now, let’s delve deeper into the five efficient tips on what makes soil healthy:


Enrich your soil with organic compost

Adding organic matter to the soil is very important to boost the natural defense mechanism of the plants which deters pests from attacking them. Fallen leaves and other decayed plant matter help improve the soil structure. You can add ready to mix organic matter to your soil from time to time.

Try this: an easier way to add organic matter to your garden soil is through IFFCO Nutri Rich, a premium vermicompost, fortified with seaweed extracts. It enriches the soil with beneficial microorganisms, increases its water holding capacity, enhances nutrient uptake of the plants, and helps boost plant growth.

Available in two other variants - Nutri Rich 5 KgNutri Rich 2 Kg and Nutri Rich 25 Kg.

Check out the usage of Nutri Rich below -



Add manure to soil

Another super easy way to improve soil health is to add organic manure to your garden soil. Animal manure, which is atleast six months old can do wonders. Manure is laden with supplements for the soil and improves its aeration, structure and helps maintain the right pH balance.

Try this: IFFCO Horti Perlite, a unique light weight volcanic mineral, which pops and expands over 20 times in volume under suitable conditions, provides optimum aeration to soil. Further, the surface cavities trap moisture and make it available to plant roots.

Know more about Horti Perlite and how to use it, in the video below- 


 Provide sufficient nutrient supply

The right proportion of nutrients in the soil make it more productive and fertile. Besides the natural nutrients present in the soil, you have to keep feeding appropriate quantities of nutrients to keep the soil healthy.

Try this: All-purpose potting soils are available on the shelf such as the IFFCO Magic Soil. It’s rich in bio-available macro and micro nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium etc. It ensures healthier vegetative and reproductive growth of the plant throughout the growing period by enhancing the proper nutrient uptake of the plant while providing the right aeration and moisture.

Available for order in two more variants - Magic Soil 20 Kg  Magic Soil 2 Kg. and Magic Soil 5 Kg

Click on the video below to understand how Magic Soil works -


Keep your soil’s pH balanced

Regular soil tests can help you measure the pH level of the soil. Too much acidic component in the soil can be fatal to plant growth. But having a balanced supply of organic fertilisers can help maintain the soil’s pH level.

Try this: A perfect solution to your soil’s pH worries is IFFCO Sea Secret, which enhances growth and stress tolerance. It does so through the soil by nourishing it with proteins, carbohydrates, inorganic salts, vitamins, and plant growth hormones like auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins etc.

You can order other variants as per your needs - Sea Secret 200 ml.

Click on the video below to understand how Sea Secret works -


Avoid soil compaction and disruption

If your garden beds are too compact, there are more chances of your crop getting destroyed as you keep stepping on the plants. This makes plants roots difficult to grow. Keep proper spacing between two garden beds and make paths for movement. Don’t step on the garden beds. Also, try to retain the soil in its natural state as less tilling and digging will ensure that the soil remains healthy.

Mastering these ways will let you witness measurable improvement in the soil health, and, consequently, in the plants’ growth. Begin now to see your efforts bear fruit!

Author: Monil Verma / Preeti Parashar

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