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Got a green thumb? Looking for the perfect terrace garden idea? Building your own home terrace garden from scratch can be a task! But if you have all the materials ready and a proper plan in place, you can turn your terrace into a beautiful garden in just a few days. Having your own rooftop terrace garden gives you happiness and bounty. It brings you closer to nature while you nurture your love for plants.  

Wondering how to start making your own terrace garden? Here’s a simple 7-step guide to take all you home gardeners through the process:


Prepare A Layout

You must be scrolling through various ideas for terrace garden online and consulting your friends or experts. But once you have firmed up a plan, pen it down. Prepare a rough sketch of how you are going to design your garden. Take in stock the space and the drainage system. Decide which plants are to be kept in the shade and which ones need more sunlight. And there you are - ready to build your own terrace garden!


Choose The Perfect Soil

Choose a good quality potting mix instead of normal garden soil. Prefer organic potting mixture which is rich in nutrients as the chemical mix kills useful bacteria in the soil. Organic mix is also good for the growth of the plants.


Iffco Magic Soil


Product in focus: IFFCO Magic Soil 

A highly recommended potting soil which is rich in bio-available macro and micro nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, etc. It ups the nutrient uptake of the plant. Hence, ensures healthier vegetative and reproductive growth. 

Check out other variants Magic Soil 20 Kg and Magic Soil 5 Kg as well.



Get Gorgeous Containers

While you can use a range of containers from plastic bottles to wooden for planting your greens, getting the right set of floor planters or adds magic to your terrace garden. You can beautify it by getting vibrant nursery pots, floor planters, or vertical garden planters made up of recycled plastic and fibre. Grow bags help keep your plants safe while they are in their nascent stages of growth. Create a stunning cluster of pots with a beautiful mix of plants to complement them.


Products in focus: Victor bed floor planter and UV stabilised poly grow bags

Choose from a variety of plastic nursery pots online from modern to aesthetic to make your terrace garden stand out. You can also grow your plants in the UV treated poly grow bags for the right nutrition and protection for your plants. Check out our new range of vertical garden pots here


Grow Seeds Of Vegetables And Flowers

Start by choosing the vegetables and flowers that you want to grow. Be sure to get high-quality seeds and start growing them in the containers. Some of the vegetables that you can grow in your terrace garden can be: tomatoes, carrots, onions, potato, beetroot, capsicum, besides flowers and other decorative plants. 


Do check the availability of the seasonal seeds with the local vendors so you are updated about the latest varieties.


Nourish Your Plants 

Once you have set the plants in the containers, it’s time to water them. Keep the right level of moisture and don’t overwater the plants. Another important thing is to use organic fertilisers and manure. 




Products in focus: IFFCO Doctor Green and IFFFCO Nutri rich

Green manures and fertilisers keep the soil healthy and protect plants from diseases. Healthy soil leads to a living, dynamic ecosystem, with improved nutrient cycling, water and nutrient holding capacity, and other benefits resulting in robust plant growth.


Protect Your Plants From Pests, Birds, UV Rays

Once the plants start bearing vegetables and flowers bloom, they are vulnerable to pest and bug attacks. Not only that, UV rays and birds can also harm your plants. You can protect your plants by using a wire mesh or green garden net to keep birds and pests at bay. 








Products in focus: Green shade for UV rays protection and Anti-bird net.


Protect your plants with the green shade which is 100% UV stabilized and it stops harmful UV rays from passing through it. The bird net is easy to install and maintains a harmless way to eliminate pigeon menace or bird problems. This is also UV stabilized and has no effect of rain and sun. It can be used in windows, balconies, shafts, terraces, buildings.



Bonus Techniques For Your Terrace Garden

Making your rooftop garden requires skill and toil. But if you deploy some efficient techniques and use our recommended products, it’ll become much easier for you to set it all up! 


Drip irrigation kits: Drip irrigation systems can help you save time on watering the plants besides aiding proper nutrition and growth for the roots. Check out our drip irrigation kits to know how they can help you water your plants. 


Water sprinkler timer: Water your plants without worrying about turning the garden water sprinkler off while you’re away. This water sprinkler timer automatically switches off the water supply after two hours. This helps provide appropriate moisture to the plants and boosts their productivity. 


Green house tunnels: These are easy to use, easy to move, and easy to store when you have limited space to develop a terrace garden. The portable tunnel provides shade against strong sunlight and allows air to pass through while protecting your plants from pests and bugs. You can also feed your plants directly through the netting.

Final Thoughts 

Your terrace garden is all set now! You can add some outdoor décor items to turn it into your cosy corner or a perfect spot for evening tea and snacks. Just sit and relax while you enjoy the serene environs around you and connect with nature.


Author: Monil Verma / Preeti Parashar


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