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Everybody loves a Heavenly garden filled to the brim with lively flowers and vegetation, We've gathered some ideas and tips to decorate your balcony with flower pots, pebbles and Artificial grass. In this post today we have picked up 6 cool ideas you can use for your balcony decor 

 If nature appeals you or you have a tropical fantasy in life then we have a pleasant surprise for you or you can say a new addition for your garden/nursery. We have Floor planters for you which is very convenient to use and light weight. This category is economical but is super durable. Their classic look is so attractive that a true gardener would never be able to resist its presence.

floor planters

These are six different ways to decorate your balcony or garden space with floor planters
1. The utmost secret to the gorgeous garden is to make your space look simple yet beautiful.
To simply make it happen we have our very own Mid Range (colorful) planters and pots. The glaze of these planters will surely amaze any viewer with its unbeatable beauty. Create an exclusive decor and be worry free about the maintenance as these pots are pretty easy to clean and almost free from discoloration. They come in variety of shapes and colors, and create a stunning cluster of pots with a beautiful mix of plants to compliment.

Want to revive your balcony and garden space from being unexciting to absolutely compelling, you should definitely take a look at our colorful planters  
You can simply use these beautiful and colorful flower pots with the choice of your plants and flowers, to make your balcony and garden space look heavenly whenever you step into it.
2.  Want your Dining and Study area to look more enthralling ? Our small sized Table Tops range can be used to decorate your interiors to garden space as well as for landscaping your exterior. We have numerous ideas for you, it can be a small décor for your desktop, a home corner detail or a present for a passionate nature lover friend. Self love or a present, this will surely show the appreciation through this unique and heart touching small planter.


 3. Your home is a reflection of who you are because we believe that nature and    soul goes hand in hand. Our hanging planters never go out of fashion and are available in different designs and patterns. These can serve as gorgeous little hanging homes for your succulents. These are like the hanging frames you can easily get creative with for your garden or balcony windows. These are sometimes also called  Hanging Basket which you can utilize according to the space available.

hanging planter ideas

4. There is a rapidly growing body of research among environment psychologists showing that environments that connect people to nature, have the ability to supercharge cognitive performance, well being, and stress reduction. Do you surround yourself with plants and flowers at home or work? If you are a fan of unique designs made of high quality then you landed on the right website.

We have some beautiful Vertical Gardens which are perfect for utter freshness. These beautiful baskets are fashionable and also vertical growing adds space, opportunity, and beauty to the garden. You may use it at the entrance of your sweet home or dedicate a wall in the balcony. This minimalist style of a vertical garden at the entryway is perfect for any space. You can grow any varieties such as herbs, flowers or vegetables too.
vertical garden ideas 
In this wall category we have some unique additions like Hook pots which can literally be fit anywhere in your house. The quality used in the making is silver and the material is polypropylene with black color and is square in shape. These creations are just not for living spaces but even bring powerful zen to bathrooms and bedrooms as well. These hook pots would use any empty unusable spaces in your home or office and fill it with life and colors.
 Indoor plants serve a practical and aesthetic purpose which will also enhance your life. These will help you maintain your little plant sanctuary and accessorize your new air plants. Check out our Screw pot and corner wall pots and style your plants the modern way.


5.  Let’s make this world a greener and a happier place by planting more. This is a balcony beauty with railing planter. This is a simple pot but yet it’s a statement pot which will glorify your balcony. These cute little railing gardens are small pots in round shape and made of polypropylene material. These are available in mix colors. The material used in these protects the pots, vulnerable plants and precious seedlings from any rain and storm damage. So brighten up your balconies/fence with these pop colored beauties and treat yourself with yearlong gardening hassle free.

Railing planters



6. Does your lawn look Indisposed ? Maybe It Is, So we have a solution for you.
Our Artificial Grasses will make your lawn beautiful with low maintenance.
Artificial grass is going more and more popular nowadays, Its 4-tone color, soft and lush and the thatch looks feels like real natural grass. Providing you with year round green and turf enjoyment, perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects
Artificial Grass
You can also make your lawn and pond area look more serene with our very own
River Pebbles. Will work well as mulch in plant containers on your deck or patio to help plants retain moisture. The pebbles serve the same purpose when you spread them as mulch in larger areas of your yard or in garden beds.They can be sorted by colour and size, and they can also be polished to improve the texture and colour. Outdoors, beach pebbles are often used for landscaping, construction and as decorative elements.

You can also have a look to our dedicated section on lawn & Gardening to make your garden space and balconies look paradisical 


 Author: Monil Verma / Preeti Parashar



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